"Sending my works into Lynchpin Proofreading has been a great decision. Belinda is very approachable and incredibly punctual with exceptional attention to detail.
She asks questions of my storytelling, her suggestions have provided fresh insight into my style of writing. Her encouraging disposition has inspired me to improve and she is very worthy of acknowledgement."

Douglas Spafford

You are not lazy or careless …

Have you sent a document or email and then realised there was a typo staring you in the face? It is difficult to find your own errors. No matter how hard you look sometimes you just can't see typos. Your brain knows what you have written and tricks you by filling in the blanks. 

Lynchpin Proofreading

What is a typo?

A typo is a small, sneaky creature that hides within your writing. It camouflages itself very well, but it's no match for us. 

Before you press send or post, let a fresh pair of experienced eyes look over your writing. We will catch those nasty typos before they ruin all your hard work. 

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process. It is essentially a quality control process. 

We search for any errors that may have escaped detection during previous editing. 

You have invested a significant amount of time and energy ensuring that your writing is at its best. Ensure your document is ready by having a fresh pair of professional eyes polish your writing.

When should I send my document or manuscript?

Professional proofreading is your final check before publishing. 

Once proofread, your project will reach its audience polished and clear. Whether you have a manuscript requiring proofreading, or a blog requiring a final proofread, we can help.

I have put my writing through spell check, isn't that enough?

It's a good idea to run your document through a spell checker; however, they are far from adequate. Human proofreaders find and correct more errors.

Does it really matter if my document has typos or errors?

Errors can:

  • cause miscommunication and confusion
  • undermine your credibility 
  • affect the sales of your work
  • be distracting
  • leave a poor impression




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