Lynchpin Proofreading

Style guides

Style guides provide guidance and recommendations for anyone preparing material for publication. As a default, Lynchpin Proofreading refers to the Australian Style manual for authors, editors and printers. 

When requesting a quote, please specify if you have another Style preference.


The Australian Oxford dictionary and Macquarie dictionary are the accepted dictionaries for Australian publishers.

We refer to The Australian Oxford dictionary. If you prefer another dictionary, please inform us when requesting a quote.

Paper or on-screen 

Proofreading can be performed on paper or on-screen, proofread against a copy or blind.

The choice is yours.

When proofreading on-screen, we use 'track changes'. You review all changes, and decide to accept changes individually or accept all. Feel free to contact us regarding any changes. 

Paper markups, Australian standard proofreading marks from the above manual.

Send a copy through email, we print it, proofread, and return your manuscript or document to the address you provide. 
A fee is charged for printing and postage. 

Lynchpin Proofreading adheres to international and industry standards to achieve efficient publishing practices. 





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